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Two Cents About Life Philosophy

Some people talk on the phone with their pals while sitting on a bus. Some others close their ears with earphones, listen to some good musics, and then fall asleep, which is, I think, the most effective way of spending time on a trip. People have their own method on killing time on a bus. Mine, are listening to some songs, pertaining my mind in sereneness, and thinking of some things I usually don’t have any chance to think about. Last Sunday, on the way to Cikarang, on the bus seat, my mind wildly wander to something about this life. Well, my life, at least.

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New Place, New Life, New Resolution

Enggak. Gw blom kawin.

New place itu maksudnya gw baru aja pindah kost2an, dan new life itu bukan menempuh hidup baru alias udah kawin, melainkan karena gw pindah tempat, ketampanan gw nambah (ok, ga nyambung).

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