EazyMail 1.0 beta Testing (Final Project)

Hi Mr./Ms.,
I just finished working on my system for the thesis. It is a web based application that helps you to design e-newsletter(email), manage the recipients, tracking the recipients’ activities (clicks, opens, etc), and represents them in the form of reports. However, I need some people to test the application to let me know if any bugs persist. No IT background requirement to use the software, so anyone is cordially welcomed to test it. Please contact me as soon as you can (my contact detail is as below) if you’re interested in helping me playing with the software, and I’ll give you any necessary information about the testing. It’ll really help me a lot to have you testing the application. Thanks in advance for your help.

Contact Detail:
email: johanesberchman@gmail.com / il_rainans@yahoo.com
ym: il_rainans
msn: johanesberchman@windowslive.com



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